Product Journey

Global Manufacturing Excellence

For us, that means sitting down with our pioneering nutritional experts here at RV Pharma—sourcing the best natural ingredients and producing only the best vitamins the market has to offer. And for you, it means choosing a better nutraceutical partner to work with. “We can say it, we can do it, but if we can make them feel it, it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Sign NDA Agreement

This is a standard non-disclosure agreement that protects our customers custom dietary supplement formulations and the world involved in the project. It is not required in order to proceed with our process.

Submit RFQ & Request Samples

Yes, it’s that simple. If you are requesting one of our stock softgel and/or gummy products, just let us know the item code you want further details on. Custom requests require a current COA or supplement facts.

Item Specifications & Pricing

RV Pharma will assign a dedicated vitamin specialist to your account that will closely work with you every step of the process. Product Certificate of Analysis “COAs”, spec sheets and pricing will be offer to client.

Production ETA & Payment

While our stock products average 3-10 days ETA following PO and payment, our custom production ETAs remain competitive starting as early as 6 weeks up to 3 months depending on the scope of project.

Order Status & Tracking

Once your order has been fulfilled and shipping has been generated, you will be notified via email with logistic tracking. Our customers have the option to setup their own shipments or request our help.

Explore how StockGels™, StockGummies™, and StockRaws™
can help your business grow.

From stock softgels and gummy vitamins to custom formulations and private labeling, RV Pharma provides an all-in-one solution for artisan brand owners, startups, suppliers, and distributors around the world.

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