Who We Are

Cherished by local communities.


Together, we’re transforming the vitamin industry and distributing better health.

After more than 15 years of innovations, RV Pharma is entering a new era of discovery. Our community of formulators, lab engineers, visionaries and all of our partners are working every day to turn possibilities into real world answers. Explore how RV Pharma and its partners are pioneering a new category.


Sustainable Solutions


Innovation & Profitability


Unparalleled Service


We’re focused on creating better innovative vitamin solutions through collaboration.

RV Pharma’s core values are the cornerstone of who we are, what we stand for, and what direction we are headed. As we push ourselves and our brand owners, retailers, and suppliers to find new discoveries, create new products, and grow our nutraceutical businesses, we’ll always be guided by these ideals.

Quality raw sources

We’re committed to sourcing only the highest quality raw material vitamin ingredients. Ensuring the safety and health of our customers and consumers.

Genuine respect for people

Professionalism, dignity, and respect are the three words our employees, customers, and partners stand by. Maximizing nutraceutical contribution.

Ethical operations

Top business ethics have been implemented into our organization since inception, in all facets of operations. Especially at an international scale.

Transparent processes

One area of importance that routinely pops up within the nutraceutical industry is this area of traceability, trust, and transparency. Ask away!

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